Perth Podcamp 2007

Last weekend Perth hosted Australia's inaugural Podcamp, a community unconference on new media, blogging, podcasting and social networks. There was a great turn-out from the Perth web community. Great to see some visitors to Perth too: Cameron Reilly, Duncan Riley (are they related?), Stilgherrian (I'm over it), Leslie Nassar, and the friendly face of the evil empire Nick "professional geek" Hodge.

My impressions of the day are a little coloured a little by the fact that my attention was split between the sessions, the video camera, and playing dad to Mr5 and Mr9. Podcamp was a bit like Barcamp, with a little less focus on detail and a little more on "big pictures". At times there were up to 4 sessions happening at once, which means that you're bound to miss much of what's going on. Hopefully, the videos here will help fill in some of the gaps. Given the number of contributors it might have been better to spread the sessions over two days. I liked the informal feel, though many of the presentations were pre-prepared which is not strictly "unconference" style. Most of them managed to include the audience in the discussion which is great.

Here are my videos from the day. I've put them on Viddler because it supports long videos and has some nifty tagging and commenting features. Feel free to be social : if you see something fun or interesting just click on the green "+" button and add a comment. That way, if people don't have time to watch the whole thing at least we can check out the highlights. If you see the word "PROGRESSIVE" in the bottom left, click on it to switch to STREAMING mode. You can skip to any point in the movie by clicking in the seek bar, or on a comment point.

The Blog Session, in which Kathryn Greenhill gives some ideas on where to get your "Blog Fodder", and Tiang Cheng presents an introduction to VideoBlogging.

Podcasting in/as Education with Tama Leaver and Sue Waters: Exploring the role of podcasting in education, not just the 'record and spread existing content' but also how we can engage students by getting them podcasting, too! Sue likes to walk around, so she's not always on camera.

The social network in your pocket. Nick Cowie looks at mobile devices and social networking.

Social Media and the Federal Election. Stilgherrian talks about the Australian federal election on social media. Unfortunately, I lost the end of the talk when the camera battery went flat.

MP3 audio files for these talks are available here.

Simone van Hattem set up a Flickr group for photos from the day. Nick Hodge has some geek stories from some of the participants. Check out other reactions to the day from: Bronwen Clune, Richard Giles, Nick Cowie, Simone van Hatten, Tama Leaver, Nick Hodge, Duncan Riley, Stilgherrian, Cameron Reilly. My personal favourite is the Boomtown Rap (more here). Who is that mystery guy anyway? Update: Ross Buncle. Check out his geek story here.

Podcamp was a great community event. Its good to be able to match some faces to the avatars. Many thanks to those who helped make this happen: Bronwen Clune, Richard Giles, Tama Leaver, Rene LeMerle, and Gary Barber.


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  2. Suelibrarian:

    See this Geek story from Nick Hodge on the back story of the Boomtown Rap guy- Ross Buncle - its great viewing

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  4. Stewart:

    @Suelibrarian. Thanks Sue. That's a great story.

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  6. Richard Giles:

    Awesome Stewart. Thanks VERY much for helping out with everything you did, including looking after the young folk!

    By the way, it's Cameron Reilly, and they're not related :) .

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