How to make a WiiFit Exercise Bike

Perhaps you too have an unused exercise bike languishing in a dark corner. Lets face it, its pretty boring exercising on one of these things. How to get motivated? Make it fun using WiiFit!

Here's what to do:

  1. Stick your bike in front of the TV.
  2. Fire up WiiFit, and select Jogging (under Training -> Aerobic Exercises -> Jogging).
  3. Attach the Wiimote to the lower part of your leg. Its normally meant to go in your hand or pocket so its pretty insensitive to orientation but does need a good amount of movement. If you're wearing socks, you can just slide the Wiimote in - remember to face the buttons away from your leg so you can press "A" through your sock. It also works to put it the cuff of track pants, though it tends to flop about too much for my liking.
  4. Press "A" and start riding. It can take a couple of seconds for the Wii to learn the motion pattern.

Wiifit gives you some nice visual feedback that helps you keep a constant cadence. As you ride, your avatar runs along a path, following your training guide. The landscape is quite pleasant, and you can see other runners and dogs exercising too. If you slow down, your avatar starts to lag behind your guide and it will prompt you to keep a steady pace. You can select your desired activity level as you start the game. If your bike has a variable load, you can adjust this if you find the jogging pace too easy.

Have fun!


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