Hot Tamales (They're Red Hot)
usRobert Johnson
8 chords used in this song
CHot taE7males and they're A7red hot, D7yes she G7got'em for Csale
CHot taE7males and they're A7red hot, D7yes she got'em for G7sale
CI got a girl, say she C7long and tall
She Fsleeps in the kitchen with her F#dimfeets in the hall
CHot taE7males and they're A7red hot, D7yes she G7got'em for Csale, I A7mean
D7Yes, she G7got'em for Csale
Repeat verse, substituting these lines
She got two for a nickel, got four for a dime
Would sell you more, but they ain't none of mine
I got a letter from a girl in the room
Now she got something good she got to bring home soon, now
The billy got back in a bumble bee nest
Ever since that he can't take his rest, yeah
You know grandma left and grandpa too
Well I wonder what in the world we children gonna do now
I got a girl, say she long and tall
Sleeps in the kitchen with her feets in the hall
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§Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain[ C ]
§Robert Johnston[ C ]