This site is a mixture of two of my personal interests: computing and music. I started programming computers in 1979, and have never really looked back since then. I currently work as a software engineer and data scientist, and live in Fremantle, Western Australia.


"Focal" is an eye-tracking musical expression controller. I presented this work at NIME 2016 in Brisbane.

My Ukulele Songbook has grown steadily since I started hosting ukulele workshops and performance evenings in Fremantle in 2009. The online song sheets are synced to videos, so you can follow the music karaoke-style.

The Lost Quays are an 11 voice acapella group, reviving sea songs and shanties from the great Age of Sail. Bringing the best tunes and fashion of the 1890s to a music festival near you. We also run a monthly Shanty Club at Clancy's in Fremantle. Check our calendar for dates.

Latest Ukulele Songs

ca kd lang (2000)
5 chords, 11 transitions, key C
us Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour (1946)
7 chords, 12 transitions, key C
au Sherbet (1976)
14 chords, 30 transitions, key G
au Don Walker, Cold Chisel (1980)
9 chords, 19 transitions, key C
gb Roland Orzabal (Tears For Fears) (1982)
4 chords, 5 transitions, key Em
gb Mike Batt (1984)
9 chords, 19 transitions, key G
gb U2 (1998)
4 chords, 8 transitions, key C
us Pat Ballard (1954)
11 chords, 16 transitions, key C
us Prince (1990)
7 chords, 16 transitions, key F
augb William Shakespeare / Paul Kelly (1609)
4 chords, 6 transitions, key Dm
au The Church (1988)
6 chords, 12 transitions, key Am
us Creamer and Layton (1918)
13 chords, 29 transitions, key G
au Jon English (1978)
11 chords, 20 transitions, key Dm
au Jon English (1979)
4 chords, 5 transitions, key C
au Darren Hanlon (2010)
5 chords, 9 transitions, key C
gb Ray Noble (1934)
11 chords, 17 transitions, key G
aunz Crowded House (Neil Finn) (1988)
9 chords, 17 transitions, key C
us Johanna and John Hall (1976)
8 chords, 13 transitions, key C
us Jason Isbell (2015)
5 chords, 9 transitions, key G
us Hudson/Mills, DeLange (1933)
11 chords, 17 transitions, key G
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