Fun with Autostitch : Panorama Montage

22 May 2006

Using Autostitch, subjects can be stitched into a background panorama. An extension of this idea is to stitch multiple subjects, or subjects in different positions into a single panorama.

Basically, the steps for doing this are the same except that we are now stitching more than one frame against the background panorama. The only real catch here is to make sure that the stitched frames don't overlap too much or they will obscure each other.

With some care, you can get a result like this. The panorama is generated automatically by Autostitch. I added a small white border around each image. Then I added the strip at the bottom to show the source images and the links to the embedded frames.

Montage generated by merging multiple subjects into a panorama

The ability to do this sort of thing offers interesting possibilities for media browsing. If we can automatically relate photos to the spaces they are taken in, this might be a useful way of organising collections. See: "Browsing personal media archives with spatial context using panoramas".